Our Projects

Berry Nature Play Park  

The Rotary Club's current major community project is to facilitate the development of a Nature Play Park at Boongaree in North St Berry. The nature playground is endorsed by both the community of Berry and the Shoalhaven City Council.


Berry is presented with a one-off opportunity to develop an outstanding facility for the residents of our local area, and also the many visitors who visit our beautiful region


Rotary Club's Vision


The Club’s vision is to develop an exciting place for all ages and abilities to play, exercise and to have fun, plus to develop an attraction for business and tourism that encourages young families to visit Berry.


The Market Fair Day on 4 December 2005 at the Alexander Street entrance to the Berry Showgrounds was the chosen time and place for the ceremony to mark the burial of the Berry community’s time capsule.

Sealed with a concrete slab and plaque, the 1.8 metre long stainless steel cylinder represents a recording of personal messages, photos and history for the many families and individuals who purchased an envelope for their items to be placed into the time capsule.

The time capsule was an idea of the Rotary Club of Berry-Gerringong as a community project to mark the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Rotary International.

In this instance however, the time capsule is intended to be opened in 25 years time – on the 4th December 2030.

Each item in the capsule was individually vacuum sealed with all contents recorded in a ledger that is to be handed over to the Berry Museum for safekeeping.

The ceremony to bury the capsule was attended by members of the Rotary Club, local dignitaries, guests and notably heralded by the majestic sounds of the Shoalhaven Scottish Pipes and Drum Band.


Members of the Berry community, the Rotary Club and the Shoalhaven Scottish Pipes and Drum Band surround the entrance to the Berry Showgrounds marking the site where the Berry Community Time Capsule is buried.


One of the major community projects for the Club in recent years has been the construction of a shared pathway from Pullman St  to the Berry Hospital. This finally links the town with a pathway to the Hospital. No longer do people have to navigate the narrow, dangerous roadway and grassed verges to walk to the Hospital, something that friends and relatives of patients at the Hospital have been doing for years.

The pathway has been made possible because of various fundraising activities, including the sale of engraved pavers to members of the Berry community that were cemented into the pathway, together with the support of the State Government through the Community Building Partnership Program, and the Shoalhaven City Council.

The many sponsored pavers that have been laid in the pathway form a unique and lasting record of support for those people and businesses who purchased them.