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Exhibitor Information

Why Exhibit at Berry Small Farm Field Days? 

Originally dairy based, the South Coast and Illawarra region of NSW features picturesque fertile coastal flats and valleys with a very strong small landholder base. 

The Berry Small Farm Field Days offer a unique opportunity to market direct to small to medium sized property owners and those aspiring to become rural landowners. A previous survey of visitors noted that over 60% of attendees wanted to find out about new farming products and ideas and learn more about living on a small property.

Some comments from exhibitors:

"I was pleased with the outcome of my time spent at the field day, in my view it was a good investment and I would happily commit to attending the event again. I have attended local shows and feel that your event was better organised, and had a much better layout.
I congratulate the Rotary club on an excellent event".

Michael Orford
South Coast solar solutions

"My sincere thanks for a very successful field day.  I had a wonderful time, and made a number of very positive contacts with potential customers.  Overall I am very happy with my outcomes.  My thanks to Rotary for a well presented event.  I would like to be one of the first to sign up for next year’s event. All up, an excellent event that deserves to be continued".

Rob Packer
Rob Packer Dam & Pond Maintenance

"I'll be there next year, because the enquiry level was good".
Douglas St.Quintin
MAC RAC Australia Pty Ltd t/as McCallum Made

BSFFD Site Map 2020.jpg
How to book a site 

Step 1 – download the Exhibitor Site Application Form 

Step 2 – From the Site Map, select the site category which suits your needs.     


Large Sites

 Cost:         5 metre frontage x 10 metre depth - $300

                10 metre frontage x 10 metre depth - $500

                15 metre frontage x 10 metre depth - $700

                20 metre frontage x 10 metre depth - $900

Sections 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,(B and C).                      (plus gst)


Small Sites

Cost:        3 metre frontage x 5 metre depth – $200

                6 metre frontage x 5 metre depth – $350
Sections 1A,2A.                                          (plus gst)

Catering outlet sites:                                           $200                                                 
In Food Court Area                                            
(plus gst)

Gardening Section:

For details please contact our Gardening Coordinator Mary Seelis on 4464 1191


Livestock exhibit sites:                                   No charge                                        
(Size determined by need in consultation with committee)
Inside the livestock marquee - conditions apply

Community group sites:                                 No charge                                        
(Sites are by arrangement in consultation with committee)

Step 3 – Consider your needs for other site options eg Power, straw bales, additional passes, parking passes.

Provision of power to site                                $30
Only available in sections 1A,1B,1C 

Straw Bales                                                        $10
Available on site if prebooked

Additional entry passes                                    $10

On ground parking permit   1 free per site                (all plus gst)

Step 4 – Return your completed Exhibitor Site Application Form by post, email or fax. Payment options include direct debit to the Field Day bank account, credit card payment or payment by cheque accompanying the completed form. Evidence of current Public Risk Insurance must accompany your application form. Receipt of your completed form will be acknowledged by email or by post.

Exhibitor social function

All exhibitors are invited to a small social function under the grandstand on the Friday evening at 4.30pm … a chance to socialise with each other.


On Ground Camping

The Berry Showground has a camping area which is available for visitors with both powered and unpowered sites. For security purposes amenities are accessed via security key pads.


Exhibitor Parking

Provision has been made for exhibitor parking within the showground with vehicles required to be parked in the allocated parking areas. For safety reasons, no vehicle movements will be permitted during event opening hours unless arranged with the Event Coordinator.
Exhibitor parking passes will be provided to exhibitors with their Exhibitor Package prior to the event.

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